Terms of Use

Website & e-shop terms of use


1. Introduction

1.1. The website www.antetokounbros.com is an (e-shop) for the showcase and sale of products via the Internet and it belongs to the Company under the name "ANTETOKOUNBROS S.A." (hereinafter the "Company" or "ANTETOKOUNBROS"), having its registered seat in Maroussi, Attica, (7, Sina Street, P.O. Code 15124), with General Commercial Registry Number 166455401000, with TIN 801931979, Tax Office of Maroussi, as it is legally represented, tel. (+30) 2100087693email: [email protected].

1.2. The following terms of use apply to the website and all content and/or services and/or products available through it (hereinafter, collectively: the website or the webpage). The use and/or browsing of the website by any user who enters and visits the website or who makes use of the e-shop by placing an order (hereinafter: "user" or "customer", respectively) implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms. For this reason, before entering and/or using the e e-shop www.antetokounbros.com, please read carefully these terms of use.

1.3. If you do not agree with any point or part of the terms of use, please do not use our website and e-shop.

2. General Terms – Operation of the E-shop

2.1. The website and the e-shop www.antetokounbros.com are aimed at adults. The use of the e-shop by minors or persons lacking legal capacity is prohibited. By entering the e-shop, you declare that you are an adult and that you have legal capacity, while at the same time you undertake that you will not allow the use of your details and your login codes by minors or persons lacking legal capacity. You are responsible for any such use of your details and passwords. For this reason, please follow the basic rules of internet transaction security.

2.2. The e-shop of the Company is available in Greece. The contracts of the e-shop are carried out in the Greek or English language, which you declare that you understand (in reading and in writing).

2.3. To use the e-shop, users may: (a) either register and create a personal account by following the registration instructions and by providing the information requested in each field of the registration form; (b) or log in as guests, without creating a personal account, providing the necessary information to execute their order.

2.4. Users declares that their information is true and accurate and undertake the responsibility of updating it for as long as they remain registered, whether they use the e-shop or not.

2.5. The Company may temporarily and/or permanently pause the operation of the e-shop for any reason and at any time. Also, the Company may unilaterally modify at any time the content of the e-shop www.antetokounbros.com, as well as these terms of use, so it is recommended that you refer to them at regular intervals. Any modification does not affect orders already placed.

3. Information on the products The presentation of the products for sale in this e-shop constitutes an invitation to users to submit a contract proposal, such presentation, however, does not in any way constitute a warranty by the company for the availability and adequacy of the displayed products. Therefore, the Company warrants the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information listed in the e-shop, regarding the identity of the Company, the transactions provided through the e-shop, as well as the essential characteristics of the products described in it. Considering the nature of online transactions, the Company will make every reasonable effort to immediately update the system in case of any change in the information provided, however, in good faith, it is not responsible or bound by electronic data entries made due to error/ by mistake as per common experience and it is entitled to rectify them whenever it becomes aware of their existence.

4. Limitation of the Company’s liabilities

4.1 The Company, in regards to the transactions from the e-shop, is only liable for gross negligence and fraud, for delays in the delivery of ordered products andfor information or services it provides through its e-shop. In no case is it responsible and or liable to compensation for any potential damage or loss (including, but not limited to, actual loss of profits and/or data, lost profits, restoration of moral damages etc.) resulting from the cancellation of orders, from the non-execution or delay of their execution, for any reason, from the operation or non-operation of the website or the e-shop, from the inability to provide services and/or products and/or information through the website, from any unauthorized interventions by third parties in products and/or services and/or information available through the website.

4.2 The Company does not guarantee that the operation of the website, the e-shop, its servers and/or third-party websites through which its content is transmitted will be uninterrupted and/or orderly, free from viruses and similar elements, and is not responsible for any technical problems that may occur to users/customers when attempting to access the website or the e-shop or during their browsing them, which are related to the operation or compatibility of the users’/customers’ infrastructure with the use of the website or the e-shop.

4.3 The Company does not bear any responsibility for the actions or omissions of third parties and especially for wrongful interventions by third parties in products and/or services and/or information, available through its website or its e-shop. When the website or the e-shop contains references (hyperlinks or links) to third-party websites, the Company is not responsible for the content of these pages, as well as for any damage or harm that may arise from their use, as these links are provided only to facilitate the use of the e-shop, without the Company approving or accepting the content of the websites to which these links lead, to which users have access solely at their own choice and responsibility.

4.4 The Company does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the e-shop, but informs users / customers based on the data kept on availability and undertakes, in the event of a change in this data, to inform the interested user / customer within a reasonable period of time, without being burdened with any further responsibility.

4.5 The e-shop provides the content (eg information, names, photos, illustrations), products and services available through the website "as is".

4.6 The customer bears the risk of loss or damage to the products from the point in time when the shipped products come into his possession or the possession of a third party, whom the customer has designated to receive them from the carrier.

4.7 In any case, subject to the provisions above, the responsibility of the Company as a seller in regards to actual defects of the products or lack of response (including the lack of agreed properties) is governed by the relevant provisions of Law 4967/2022 and the Civil Code, as applicable at the time.

5. User/Customer Responsibility

Users/customers agree and undertake to use the services, information and data of the e-shop as provided by law and based on the rules of good faith and commercial ethics. They are obliged not to use the e-shop www.antetokounbros.com to: a. send, publish, email or otherwise transmit any content that is unlawful for any reason, causes unlawful offense and harm to the Company or any third party, or that violates the confidentiality or privacy of any person's information b. send, publish, email or otherwise transmit any content that offends accepted principles of morality, social values, childhood, etc. c. send, publish, email or otherwise transmit any content that users do not have a right to transmit by law or contract (such as, but not limited to, inside information, confidential information obtained or disclosed in the course of employment or covered by confidentiality agreements), d. send, publish, email or otherwise transmit any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary right of any third party; e. send, publish, email or otherwise transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or tamper with the operation of any software or computer hardware, f. intentionally or unintentionally violate applicable legislation,
g. harass third parties in any way, h. collect or store personal data of other users.

6. Hyperlinks The website may contain, for the convenience of users, references to third-party website(s) through hypertext links (links or hyperlinks). It is also possible that access to the website may be achieved through corresponding links from third-party websites. These associated websites are not under the control of the Company, therefore the latter bears no responsibility for the contents of any such website or any link included in an associated website. The Company does not endorse, support or guarantee the accuracy and truthfulness of the information and of the content in general included in third-party websites and does not provide any assurance about that content, nor is it responsible for any damage caused by them or their content.

7. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights The entire content of the website and the e-shop, including distinctive titles, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, etc., are either the intellectual property of the Company, protected according to the relevant provisions of Greek and European law and the applicable international agreements, or the property of third parties, for which the Company has obtained a license to use for its own exclusive needs and for the operation of the website and the e-shop. Any copying, transfer or creation of a derivative work based on this content or misleading the public about the true owner of the e-shop is prohibited. The reproduction, republishing, uploading, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or medium, for commercial or other purposes, is permitted only with the prior written consent of the Company or another beneficiary of these rights. The names, images, trademarks, logos and distinctive features listed and describing the e-shop or the products of the Company or third parties are the property of
the Company or third parties respectively, protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their use in the e-shop does not under any circumstances grant a license or right for them to be used by third parties. In the context of using the website and/or the e-shop, the Company grants each user/customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal and limited right to access, use and see the website and its content. This license does not constitute a transfer of title to the website and its content and is subject to the following restrictions:
• all copies of the website and its content must retain all copyright and other proprietary notices and
• users/customers are not allowed to modify the website and its elements in any way or to reproduce or publicly present or distribute them or otherwise use the e-shop website and its elements for any public or commercial purpose, except as otherwise specifically permitted herein.

8. Payment Methods The customer can pay for his order in the following ways: A. By Credit/Debit Card in a secure banking environment: Payment can be made via credit, debit and prepaid cards of any bank (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners). Upon completion of your order, you are connected directly to the  Bank's electronic platform, which you instruct to charge your card, without sharing its details with the Company. Transactions take place in real time, in the secure environment of the Bank's systems, while your card details are not shared and do not remain in any file outside the Bank. In case the customer making the transaction is not the same person as the owner of the credit card, the Company bears no responsibility and has no obligation to refund the money charged. Β. Through the IRIS system (redirect IRIS): If you have e-banking, you can use your Bank account to pay for your order. Upon completion of your order, you connect directly to the IRIS electronic platform
where you select your Bank and fill in your e-banking login details. Transactions are carried out in real time, in the secure environment of the Bank's systems, while your account details are not shared and do not remain in any file outside the Bank. C. Through PayPal: You can pay for your order through your PayPal account. Your purchase will be charged to the card or account you indicate when paying with PayPal. For information about the PayPal service and its handling of your personal data, please visit the service's website (orders paid through PayPal are subject to additional checks and may be declined or another payment method may be required or additional identification information may be requested for the security of your transaction).

9. Product returns

9.1 In all cases in which the delivered products differ from those purchased, either in terms of type or quantity, or in case the products are defective or do not meet the contract or lack a quality that has been previously agreed in writing with the Company, the customer shall return the products to be checked and for the error or fault to be determined. In this case, the Company bears the costs of returning the products to the Company as well as the costs of re-sending them to the customer, as provided that the method of return proposed by the company is followed.

9.2 In order to be returned, the product to be replaced must be in the condition in which it was received, with intact markings (labels, tags, etc.), along with all the documents that accompanied the product (e.g. Retail Sales Receipt, etc.) and its complete packaging. If it is a defect that was discovered after the delivery and the packaging is not available, or if the product packaging was retrieved by the distributors when the item was delivered, the product packaging is not required.

9.3 If the defect is established, the Company will replace the product. Alternatively, if there is no availability, it will cancel the transaction and refund it in the same way as the customer's initial payment to the Company was made
(e.g., if the payment was made via credit card, the Company will inform the issuing Bank of the cancellation of the transaction, so that the Bank can take any necessary action to refund the amount).

9.4 In case the products are returned damaged or incomplete at the of the customer’s fault, the Company may reject the return and retain the charge.

9.5 Return of non-defective products - Customer's right of withdrawal without reason: The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within a period of 14 calendar days starting from the delivery of the products under the following conditions:

• This withdrawal is without justification and without any charge and if the item has already been delivered, the customer must return the product exactly in the condition in which he received it, with all its parts, the accompanying documents and the packaging in excellent condition. The return of the item is accepted, only if the buyer has already paid any amount incurred by the Company for sending the item to him and the shipping costs for the return of the item.
• The declaration of withdrawal is made in writing or electronically and the Company is obliged to send confirmation of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal as soon as it receives it. You can find the withdrawal form on our website and here.
• The consumer must, within 14 days from the day he notified the Company of his request for withdrawal, return the product(s), in accordance with the terms of this paragraph, to the following address: "ANTETOKOUNBROS SA", 7, Sina Str., P.O. Code 15124 Marousi, Attica.
• Following the declaration of withdrawal, the Company is obliged to refund the item within 14 days of receipt of the products.
• Shipping or delivery costs, as well as return costs, are non-refundable and are borne by the customer.
• The refund to the customer will be made in the same way as the customer's initial payment to the Company was made (e.g. if the payment was made by
credit card, the Company will inform the issuing Bank of the cancellation of the transaction, so that the Bank can take any necessary action to refund the amount).
• The customer is liable for compensating the Company if he made use of the product(s) other than that which is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the product(s) in the time period until the declaration of withdrawal and in any case without affecting the integrity of the product(s) and removing the markings (labels, tabs, etc.).
• In case the products are returned damaged or incomplete, the E-shop has the right to request damages from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products, and to proceed unilaterally to a complete or partial set-off of its claim against the customer.

10. Withdrawal Declaration Form You will find the withdrawal declaration form here.

11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These terms of use, the use of the website and all transactions through the e-shop are governed by Greek Law. Jurisdiction for the resolution of any related dispute or regarding the interpretation or application of these terms of use or on the occasion thereof lies exclusively with the Courts of Athens, Greece.