The ANTETOKOUNMPO family is one of the most popular and successful families in the world of basketball, and their brand has become a global phenomenon. ANTETOKOUNBROS  have opened a number of stores where fans can purchase official merchandise, including clothing and accessories.


  1. The first ANTETOKOUNBROS store is located in Eleutherios Venizelos Airport, Athens, Greece and it features a wide selection of items for fans of all ages. The store is decorated with ANTETOKOUNBROS memorabilia, and it offers a unique shopping experience for fans of the Greek Freak and his brothers. The Store i open Monday-Sunday from 06:00-21:00
  2. We are pleased to announce the opening of our second ANTETOKOUNBROS store in Athens which is located at 23-25 Ermou Street, the famous pedestrian street of Athens.
  3. In addition to the stores in Athens, there is also ANTETOKOUNBROS store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 434 W. Juneau Ave. This store offers a similar selection of merchandise to the flagship store, and is located in convenient location for fans in the United States. The photo below is from the interior of the store.

An interior photo of the ANTETOKOUNBROS Milwaukee store. This photo was taken at the opening of the store.


Fans can also purchase ANTETOKOUNBROS merchandise online through the ANTETOKOUNBROS Eshop. The online shop offers a wide selection of items, including clothing, accessories, and home goods. The online shop also ships internationally, so fans from all over the world can purchase ANTETOKOUNBROS merchandise.


No matter where you are in the world, there is a way to purchase ANTETOKOUNBROS merchandise. Our stores and online shop offer a wide selection of items for fans of all ages. So show your support for the ANTETOKOUNMPO family and purchase some official merchandise today - made in Greece!